Handy Food Containers, by Glasslock

£ 33

Rectangular Containers Made of Glass – What Food Storage Could be Better?

Glass is one of the best eco-friendly options when it comes to replacing your cling film.  Durable, tough, good looking, these food grade rectangular containers are perfectly suited to food storage.

Key features:

  • A handy set of three different sizes gives you options (400ml, 1000ml and 2000 ml)
  • Made out of recyclable tempered soda-lime glass, extremely tough and very, very strong!
  • BPA free plastic lid seals tightly to prevent contamination and keep food secure
  • Rectangular shape are ideal for storing leftovers, meals and even for transporting lunch to and from the office
  • Microwavable, fridge and freezer-safe for the ultimate convenience
  • Great looking too – rather than unattractive cling-filmed bowls, these look stylish


Strength and Environmentally Friendly Glass = Your Top Cling Film Alternative!

Made out of recyclable tempered soda-lime glass with a BPA free lid, these glass containers offer an excellent alternative to cling film. Strong and in variable size options, their shape is ideal for lunch on the go and roomy enough for storing entire meals.

Glasslock, All About Eco-Storage


Glasslock is a South-Korean company that specialise in clip-close glass containers, BPA free, environmentally friendly and convenient storage. It focuses its business on the importance of looking after the environment.


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