Biodegradable Tap Water Filter

£ 59

When you live in a place where tap water tastes or smells bad, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles are limited.

Water filter jugs such as Brita’s are great but they take space and you still have to dispose of the cartridges on regular basis. Not entirely eco.

Tapp Water filters offer one of the most eco-friendly solutions up to this day.

Biodegradable Tap Water Filter System, by Tapp Water

Tapp Water brings you back the comfort of enjoying an instant fresh and tasty glass of water, straight out of the tap.

Created in Barcelona (where tap water tastes and smells like a swimming pool), you can trust these filters to remove any unwanted smell, taste and contaminant that would ruin your drinking experience. The best of it? The healthy minerals will still go through the filter and find their way to your glass!

Key Features:

  • Filters 80+ contaminants (chlorine, lead, micro plastics, pesticides…), bad odour and taste
  • Doesn’t filter healthy minerals
  • 100% biodegradable cartridges
  • Adapts to all standard faucets
  • Really easy to mount, no tools needed.
  • Easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water to preserve the cartridge
  • A cartridge lasts 3 month on average (3-4 people)
  • Bluetooth + app system to keep track of the state of the cartridge


Save the Planet, your Wallet and your Time

No need to remind you of the millions of plastic bottles that are bough around the world…every minute. And even if it seems that people are doing something about it , this number is actually going to rise by 20% by 2021.

Let’s consider your wallet. The average price of one litter of bottled water in the UK is £0.65. If each member of a family of 3 drinks 2 litres of water a day, it means you spend £1424/year on bottled water. In comparison, Tapp Water system should cost you £60/year. Quite worth it, right?

Finally, Tapp Water system will also save your time… No need to fill a filtering jug, or to go to the night shop at 23:00 because you ran out of water bottles.


Activated Carbon Technology, Thanks the Coconuts!

Activated Carbon Technology. No, this isn’t the new marketing strategy for Nike running shoes.

It’s the name given to the material of the cartridges used in the Tapp Water filtering system. Made from coconut shells, this material is not only natural and biodegradable, it is also the most absorbant organic material in the world.

The water simply flows through the millions of micro-holes on its surface which absorbs the contaminants.


Tapp Water, “A Breath for the Environment”

Back in 2014, the soon to be founders of Tapp Water tested over 50 filters and were disappointed with all of them. Afterwards, they teamed up with renown water scientists to come up with a simpler, cheaper and better solution.

Following their goal of empowering people to easily get clean and healthy water from the tap, they keep working on improving the filtering system and reducing their impact on the environment.


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