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The Best Eco-Friendly & BPA-Free Reusable Bottles in 2019

Choosing the right eco-friendly reusable bottle not only is better for the environment, but for your health as well! Indeed, all the models in this article are chemicals and BPA-free reusable water bottles, so you don’t have to worry about your health.

Now the question is: Among all the options available in the UK, which one fits you best ? Are you looking for a bottle that’ll keep your green tea warm all day in winter and your water cold in summer? Are you rather looking for a lightweight and convenient bottle for your next adventure? Or do you just need a durable bottle for whenever you may need it?

Chilly's, The Bottle That Will Get You Compliments


Material: Stainless Steel | Insulated: Yes | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 260, 500, 750

“Reusable bottles have no style”. If you agree with that, you haven’t met Chilly’s bottles yet! 

These bottles are just gorgeous and their unique designs transform a simple eco-friendly bottle into a fashionable item!

And Chilly water bottles are not just pretty… their screw top is leak proof and the double wall vacuum technology will keep your drink cold up to 24 hours or warm up to 12 hours.

If you want your reusable water bottle’s design to be noticed, Chilly won’t fail you. 

Good Stuff
Keeps your drink cold for 24h or hot for 12h
* Comes in different sizes
* Outstanding design 
* Leak proof
* Mouth wide enough for ice cubes
* Condensation/sweat free exterior

Bad Stuff 
* Not dishwasher friendly
* Bottle is strong but paint is fragile
* Might give a slight metallic taste to water

More about Chilly and their unique bottles here

Stay Sixty, The Easiest Stainless Steel Bottle To Clean


Material: Stainless Steel | Insulated: No | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 500

Stainless Steel bottles are great, they are durable and less heavy than glass. But they have a major flaw: they are not dishwasher friendly and washing them by hands is a real pain in the neck. Stay Sixty understood that and came up with the (awesome) idea of a removable bottom, making it easy as pie to clean! Tip: Use the removable bottom to add fruit slices.

Unlike Chilly’s, Stay Sixty’s reusable bottles are simply designed, but that doesn’t make them any less stylish! Their rubberised paint is just a pleasure for the eyes (and for the hands). They also come with a handle, which make them easy to carry.  

If you don’t need an insulated water bottle and you are looking for a minimalist and easy to clean stainless steel bottle, Stay Sixty is the way to go!

Good Stuff
* Easy to clean (removable bottom)
* Its removable bottom allows to fit ice cubes
* Convenient handle
* Grippy material
* Great minimalist design

Bad Stuff 
* Can get dirty on the outside
* Not dishwasher friendly
* On the pricey side
* Not insulated, won’t keep you warm in winter
* Only comes in one size

More about Stay Sixty and their stainless steel bottles here

Sho, The Insulated Bottle That Works Better Than Advertised


Material: Stainless Steel | Insulated: Yes | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 260, 350, 500, 750, 1000

It’s not so often that we can say a product works better than advertised… Well Sho’s bottles are one of them. If you are looking for an insulated reusable bottle that will keep your drink cold/warm through the day (and more, according to many reviews), then you should consider Sho.

They may not be the most sexy bottles of the list, but they are incredibly efficient, leak proof and durable! Not convinced yet? Maybe their lifetime guarantee will tip the scales…

Looking for a large reusable water bottle? They come in many sizes, including a huge 1L version, for those with a great thirst…

Good Stuff
* Keeps your drink cold/warm even longer than advertised
* Leak proof
* Comes in different sizes
* Nice choice of colours
* Mouth wide enough for ice cubes
* Lifetime guarantee
* 10% of Sho’s profit donated to Mary’s Meals charity

Bad Stuff 
* Not dishwasher friendly
* Bottle is strong but paint is fragile

More about Sho and their colorful reusable bottles here

Purifyou, The Dishwasher Friendly Glass Water Bottle


Material: Premium glass | Insulated: No | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 360, 650, 1000

Purifyou is the only BPA-free eco-friendly glass water bottle on the list because glass reusable bottles tend to be less versatile as they are more fragile and heavier for a “nomad” life. However, they are dishwasher friendly and if you consider that it’s an important point for a reusable bottle, you may feel let down with all the stainless steel options.

Purifyou’s bottles are obviously not insulated, but they can go in the microwave or in the fridge, which is also a non-neglectable advantage of glass bottles.

The brand is also doing its best to make their products less fragile: the bottle is made of high quality glass and comes with a resistant silicone sleeve. We still don’t recommend dropping it on the floor though…

If you are looking for a bottle for your next adventure, glass water bottles may not be the best options, but if you will have a rather sedentary use of the bottle (at the office or at home…), it is a great alternative to plastic bottles. Purifyou’s bottles are dishwasher friendly, you can warm them in the microwave and they don’t give any taste to the water (unlike some stainless steel or plastic bottles).

Tip: Being dishwasher friendly, they also make great reusable juice bottles. 

Good Stuff
* Heat resistant glass
* Resistant, yet lightweight (for a glass bottle)
* Silicone sleeve for an extra protection and non-slip grip
* No influence on the taste of the water
* Leak proof
* Easy to carry thanks to the lid
* Microwave & dishwasher safe

Bad Stuff 
* Doesn’t keep your drink cold/warm as long as insulated bottles
* Resistant, yet still more fragile than stainless steel

More about Purifyou and their reusable glass bottles here

Hydro Flask, An Awesome All-Rounder


Material: Stainless steel | Insulated: Yes | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 350, 530, 620, 710

As for many products, the perfect bottle doesn’t exist and you will have to compromise. But if you want an all-purpose bottle and can’t decide on what to compromise (eg: insulated vs lightweight), then you should look closer at Hydro Flask. Their bottles have a lot to offer, they do a great job, but without being the best in any aspect.

As an example, they are insulated but won’t keep your drink warm as long as some competitors. But in counterpart, they will be lighter than these competitors.

Hydro Flask also offers many lids and caps to adapt to the situation.

If you are looking for a single reusable bottle to use at home, at the gym, at the office or during your trekkings, look no further, Hydro Flask bottles may be your best option!

Good Stuff
* Keeps drink cold for 24h
* Very easy to open (rubber lid)
* Leak proof
* Mouth wide enough for ice cubes
* Convenient handle
* Many caps and lids to buy
* Comes in many colours

Bad Stuff 
* Not the best insulation (hot up to 6h)
* Most expensive option from this list
* Not dishwasher friendly

More about Hydro Flask and their all-purpose bottles here

S'ip by S'well, The Bottle That Will Add Fun In Your Life


Material: Stainless steel | Insulated: Yes | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 450

Dachshunds, cats, ladybugs, pineapples, strawberries, even fried eggs… those are only a few examples of the funny patterns available on S’ip by S’well reusable bottles! If you want a bottle that will let your personality shine, or if you just want to make drinking water funnier,  look no further!

These insulated water bottles will keep your drink cold or warm for an extended period of time and their condensation/sweat free exterior, combined with a leak-proof top, will keep your desk or bag dry. So clearly, these cute bottles are designed for your daily commute.

A S’ip by S’well bottle will look great on the corner of your desk and we assure you it will cheer up the whole office!

Good Stuff
*Keeps your drink cold for 24h and hot for 12h
* Wide range of cute and funny designs
* Leak proof
* Mouth wide enough for ice cubes
* Condensation/sweat free exterior
* By supporting S’well, you support UNICEF

Bad Stuff 
* Scratches off easily
* On the pricey side
* Only comes in one size
* Not dishwasher friendly

More about S’well and their cute reusable bottles here

Nomader, A Foldable Water Bottle For The Eco-Friendly Adventurer


Material: BPA-Free Silicone | Insulated: No | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 650

Stylish… cute… insulated… but what if convenience is your main and only concern? No worry, we have you covered as well!

Forget insulated and glass bottles, these are too heavy and take so much space inside your ultra-light backpack! What you need is the eco-friendly silicone collapsible water bottle from Nomader!

That sports water bottle is designed for the adventurer that need a convenient, lightweight and efficient reusable bottle. Nothing else.

With a capacity of 650ml, you should have enough water until the next refill point. More capacity would start bother you anyway. The bottle comes with a big strap, so you can easily carry it around your wrist. And once you’re over, you can just fold the bottle and throw it in your bag, or carry it in your hand if you use it as a running water bottle. How convenient is that?

Moreover, once you’re back at home, you won’t have to swear while trying to reach the inside corners of the bottle with a cleaning brush as it’s dishwasher safe!

Do you like the concept of foldable water bottles? Check out of selection of the best collapsible water bottles for more options!

Good Stuff
* Collapsible water bottle
* Only 0.4 pounds
* Leak proof
* Can handle hot drinks
* Dishwasher safe
* Can be kept in the freezer
* Easy to carry

Bad Stuff 
* Not a stylish bottle
* May give a slight plastic taste to your drink
* Collapsible design not the most effective
* Not made to keep your drink cold on an extended period

More about Nomader and their collapsible water bottles here

Tree Tribe, The Unbreakable Bottle With Lifetime Guarantee


Material: Stainless Steel | Insulated: Yes | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 350, 600, 1000

Your reusable bottle is kind of your best friend? No shame in that, we totally understand! You bring it everywhere and it carries your warm coffee in the morning or you cold water at the gym.

But as for all relationships, sometimes it goes through rough times… So what you need is a durable, unbreakable bottle that can take some beatings. Meet Tree Tribe’s insulated reusable bottle, your new bestie!

Tree Tribe’s bottles are designed to “last FOREVER” and come with a lifetime warranty, just in case. Being insulated, they will also keep your cold drink cold and your warm drink warm.

Exactly like a best friend should be, right?

Good Stuff
* Keeps your drink cold for 24h and hot for 12h
* Leak proof
* Lifetime warranty
* Durable bottle
* Convenient handle
* Mouth wide enough for ice cubes
* Tree Tribe plants 10 trees on every sale

Bad Stuff 
* Limited choice in design/colours
* Not dishwasher friendly

More about Tree Tribe and their durable water bottles here

Klean Kanteen, The Lightest Stainless Steel Bottle


Material: Stainless Steel | Insulated: No | Top: Screw Top | Sizes available (ml): 530, 800, 1180, 1900

Who said stainless steel bottles are always heavy? Klean Kanteen’s Outdoor Classic Water Bottle is here to prove them wrong! With only 180g, it’s not only the lightest stainless steel bottle, but also the lightest bottle of our test! (Yes, even lighter than Nomader’s bottle, but the Klean Kanteen’s one doesn’t fold!)

With such a lightweight and as stated in their name, Klean Kanteen’s bottles are mostly designed for an outdoor use. Moreover their sport mouthpiece makes it easier to drink on the go and reduce spilling (try to drink out of a wide mouth bottle while running and you will understand the value of the sport cap). The size of the bottles also make them a good fit inside your bike bottle cage!

If you’re looking for a lightweight reusable bottle to keep you hydrated during your sport session, the Klean Kanteen Outdoor Classic Water Bottle with sport mouthpiece is the one you should look at.

Always thirsty? Thumbs up for their 2 litre reusable water bottle.

Good Stuff
* Mouthpiece designed to reduce spilling
* Mouth wide enough for ice cubes
* Durable bottle
* Easy to clean, the stainless steel finish bottle is even dishwasher friendly
* Many colours
* No report of metallic taste
* Lightest option on the list
* By supporting Klean Kanteen, you support various environmental organisations

Bad Stuff 
* Mouthpiece not always easy to open
* Mouthpiece may leak (make sure to firmly push it down!)
* Not insulated, won’t keep you warm in winter
* Coloured bottles scratch off more easily
* Only the stainless steel finish is dishwasher friendly

More about Klean Kanteen and their lightweight water bottles here

Willceal, Because Drinking Water Doesn't Have To Be Boring


Material: BPA-Free Tritan | Insulated: No | Top: Easy Drinking Lid | Sizes available (ml): 950

This one is the bonus of our list.

Well designed and stylish reusable bottles may motivate you to drink more water and stay hydrated, but it’s still water right? Where is the fun and variety? But sodas are a no-go, they are unhealthy and don’t keep you hydrated..

So how could we possibly make drinking water more enjoyable? If your answer is “by adding fruits to water”, then Willceal has the perfect solution for you. Just add your favourite combination of fruits, let it infuse and enjoy your fruity water! Tip: you can find some combination ideas on the box.

Willceal’s fruit infuser water bottle will help you stay hydrated in an healthy, enjoyable and ethical way.

Good Stuff
* Good alternative to soda
* Makes drinking water more interesting
* Easy to wash (comes wish a brush)
* For its price, it’s a no-brainer

Bad Stuff 
* Not leak proof
* Not as resistant as the other bottles on this list
* Not insulated (but not its purpose)
* Large bottle
* Not dishwasher friendly

More about Willceal and their infuser bottles here

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