BPA-free Reusable Fruit Infuser Bottle by Willceal

£ 11

A healthy alternative to sodas

BPA-Free Reusable Fruit Infuser Bottle

Willceal’s fruit infuser water bottle will help you stay hydrated in a healthy, enjoyable and ethical way. Just add your favourite combination of fruits, let it infuse and enjoy your fruity water!

Key Features:

  • Material: BPA- and BPS- free Tritan
  • Size available (ml): 950
  • Good alternative to soda
  • Makes drinking water more interesting
  • Easy to wash (comes wish a brush)


Tritan, The Safe Version of Plastic

It’s easy to get confused with the flood of information about the safety of plastic and whether it’s safe or not to drink from a plastic bottle such as the one from Willceal.

But rest assured, that bottle is made of Tritan from Eastman, a totally safe plastic, free of BPA and BPS !

Regarding the matter of recyclability, Eastman is working hard on improving that issue. But in any case, one titan reusable bottle is still better than 1000 single-use plastic bottles right?


Willceal’s infuser water bottle is part of our selection of the best eco-friendly water bottles. Check it out for more options.