Ethical Paul Ven Bamboo Sunglasses


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Perceiving a ray of sunshine in the morning is always a sign of an amazing day! Either you are spending it at the beach, picnicking on Primrose Hill, or simply taking a trip on the London water bus, the caresses of the sun will make you happy.

You need, however, to protect your eyes from UV rays, and the good news is that you can do so while protecting the environment. Indeed, many sustainable sunglasses are available to protect your eyes and add a little touch to your look.   

Picnic basket, check! Sunscreen, Check! Blanket, Check! Bamboo sunglasses for summer, euh……Check!? 

You didn’t find your eco-friendly sunglasses yet? 

Don’t worry! We have selected one of the best ethical sunglasses for you.

About the Ethical Paul Ven Bamboo Sunglasses


The Paul Ven sunglasses are fully made of bamboo which allows these ethical sunglasses to last longer. The Bamboo frame is, then, painted in black or dark brown using natural dye only and attached with recyclable stainless steel. They are handmade with polarised lenses and can be worn by both men and women. 


Black Bamboo sunglasses size:

Total frame width: 145mm

Total frame height: 48mm

Why are Bamboo Sunglasses eco-friendly


Bamboo can be considered as the best sustainable material as it is biodegradable and exceptionally durable, which means that you are less likely to see your bamboo sunglasses break in two in your hands. Besides, it can grow up till 2 feet with a small amount of water each day and doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilisers which make the bamboo sunglasses eco-friendly. 

Key Features of Stainless Steel



  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Long Lasting
  • Flexible
  • Easy to adjust
  • Hypoallergenic


About Paul Ven

There are many bamboo sunglasses brands, but Paul Ven is unique. This eco-friendly brand offers sustainable products to the delight of the protectors of the environment. Paul Ven guarantees a unique pair of bamboo sunglasses for each one of us as it offers the possibility to engrave your own message on the inside of the arm. 

Paul Ven is a family business that specializes in Bamboo wood sunglasses and watches. Due to the great success of their eco-friendly products, they have launched some more sustainable products; such as the women wood watch victoria. In addition, this ethical brand has launched the bamboo wood sunglasses just a few days before summer. Besides, Paul Van emphasizes the uniqueness of the product because it’s better to feel unique while protecting the environment. Don’t forget to buy your eco-friendly sunglasses on Etsy, you will also benefit from the free shipping to UK.


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