Recycled Rubber Flip Flops

Are you ready for a feet-first revolution this summer?

Every item you buy, wear and love has its own environmental footprint and your shoes are no different. Before you rush out to buy your annual beach shoes, consider investing in a flip flop brand that will be durable enough to last the distance, such as Gumbies Recycled Rubber flip flops. Yes, it’s possible to look great, feel comfortable AND be kind to the environment too!

We are now in an age where it has never been so important to be environmentally conscious, but in contrast, international travel has never been so accessible. Flip flops are usually an annual purchase, although we’re also guilty of over-indulging and buying five pairs and subsequently having to sit on the suitcase to get it closed. We know you’ve been there too! The solution is a fashionable, hard-wearing, and a sustainable shoe that can be worn for all occasions, and last year upon year.

As we, the consumers become more aware of the impact our choices have on the world around us, manufacturers and companies are taking big steps in the right direction to meet our expectations. Gumbies Recycled Rubber flip flops are a great example of innovation bringing positive change. Made with recycled sustainable rubber and featuring spectacular materials, Gumbies are a UK creation making huge strides worldwide – where will these steps take you?

So why is it so beneficial to recycle rubber? Rubber is virtually indestructible yet recyclable and is regularly used for footwear. It is possible to reuse rubber almost indefinitely – all it takes is a little imagination! Gumbies recycled rubber flip flops also benefit from the shock absorbing and slip resistant properties of the rubber, while the environment benefits from one less piece going to landfill.

What size shoe do you need for your carbon footprint?

When trying to reduce our negative impact on the world around us, it’s easy to overlook the environmental impact that the clothes on our back have. It seems that, at least in regards to our shoes, they really are forever.

Scientists have estimated that it can take around 1000 years for standard flip-flops to decompose. Sandals and beach shoes are mass produced, and are rarely recycled, despite some local efforts in coastal areas most affected. The devastation is huge, with entire beaches found covered in flip-flops causing the deaths of countless sea turtles, fish and other marine life.

Gumbies Recycled ‘Islander’ Flip-Flops are made from planet friendly, recycled (and recyclable!) sustainable materials, yet are also comfortable and practical enough for daily wear. With 3 million people on the planet owning only one pair of shoes – flip flops, the potential environmental impact of Gumbies is huge.

Saving the world, one step at a time

As our collective awareness of environmental issues grows, opportunities to make responsible consumer choices increase. By investing yourself in eco-friendly products, such as Gumbies, we are collectively one step closer to saving our beautiful planet.

So while to some, it may just look like another flip-flop, to the environmentally aware they are a clear step in the right direction. Which design is your favourite?

About the company


Originally made from old car tyres, the Gumbies range soon became a little too large for its boots, and a more reliable and sustainable rubber was soon sourced for the soles to meet demand. The Islander flip-flop quickly gained notoriety as the ‘1000-miler’ due to the durability and comfort of the unique style and design and became the companies landmark shoe.

Founder and innovator of Gumbies, Michel Maurer, has visions of a successful future for sustainable footwear. By innovating both the methods and materials used to produce Gumbies flip flops, Michel has set an industry standard unlike any other. A standard we hope other companies will be inspired to follow, as we take it step-by-step in the same direction – saving our beautiful planet!

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