Guide to The Best Recycled Flip Flops​

We don’t get many days hot enough to wear flip flops in the UK, but when we do, make sure you have a pair of sustainable flip flops ready to go!
We don’t get many days hot enough to wear flip flops in the UK, but when we do, make sure you have a pair of sustainable flip flops ready to go!

We all love flip flops to be durable and long-lasting… which is great for your feet but not for the planet. Luckily there are now many brands offering you biodegradable flip flops, or picking up last years beach waste for flip flops made from recycled materials.

So, stop flip flopping around and go eco this summer.

A Step Forward with Eco-Friendly Shoes, with Adidas


We always get over-excited when mainstream footwear companies goes eco! These Adidas flip flops have recycled plastic thongs, which are made with thread spun from plastic collected from beaches.

Gumbies Mens Flip Flops Can Be Recycled Indefinitely!

Made entirely from upcycled materials, Gumbies flip flops are our all-time favourites. We’re not going to hide it. Check out our full Gumbies flip flops review for more interesting details. Icing on the cake: They are made locally in the UK!

Suportive Rubber For Flipping and Flopping Around


Okabashi’s flips flops are our sustainable flip flops of choice when you need a little foot support but don’t want to compromise on your vegan or eco-values. Each pair contains 15-25% recycled materials and can be recycled through Okabashi’s own recycling program (In their US facilities, unfortunately). It may not be the most eco-friendly option for UK citizens, but as we always say, every step matters.

Ultra-Soft Upcycled Shower Sandals

Landfill Dzine takes un-recyclable layflat irrigation hoses and turns them into original flip flops. These upcycled flip flops are uniques, lightweight and give a second chance to a material that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

Upcycled Flip Flops Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before


If you’re looking for utter uniqueness, look no further than these mid-calf boot sandals . Yes, you read that right. The Darcey Bussell are made from upcycled Naga blankets with natural rubber soles. Psst, these are biodegradable flip flops!

Recycled Tire Flip Flops - Completely Handmade


This is a work of art. Recycled flip flops fashioned from old tires and decorated with hand beaded Protea flowers – the wildfire-resistant national flower of South Africa.

Colourful, 100% Recyclable, Completely Vegan Flip Flops


We give these Rider sustainable flip flops 10/10. Up to 30% of the materials are recycled, plus you can recycle the flip flops completely if they break (a huge if, as they’re seriously made to last).

Hey, don’t feel bad if none of these recycled flip flops caught your eye! There are plenty of other sustainable, biodegradable and planet-saving flip flops you can check out…

Go Green With Natural Rubber Flip Flops, by Planet Flops


These flip flops aren’t just green on the outside. They’re made from natural Brazilian rubber, which is tapped from the trees without damaging the tree health. Awesome!

Tie-Dye Hemp - A Step Up From Canvas Flip Flops!


Did you know that hemp plants use more carbon dioxide per acre than most plants? And that hemp is more durable than cotton? Support the hemp trend with these funky flip floppers!

Feelgoodz Ethical Sandals Support Fair Wages in Thailand


Made with natural rubber (sourced by fairly paid workers in Thailand) and dyed with all-natural dyes to create the ultimate slim non toxic flip flops.

Yoga Flip Flops Made From Eco Friendly Shoe Materials


These flip flops are made from Aurorae yoga mats, which are patented, eco-friendly and tested against harmful substances by the SGS testing agency. Basically, they’re toxin-free!

Now, how about a natural rubber yoga mat to pair with your flip flops made from recycled materials? It doubles up as a nice eco beach mat for lazy holiday naps…

All products ship to the UK.