We all love flip flops to be durable and long-lasting… which is great for your feet but not for the planet. Luckily there are now many brands offering you biodegradable flip flops, or picking up last years beach waste for flip flops made from recycled materials.

So, stop flip flopping around, put on your vegan sunscreen and bamboo sunglasses, and go eco this summer.

Most Asked Questions

A Step Forward with Eco-Friendly Shoes, with Adidas

We always get over-excited when mainstream footwear companies go eco! 

The Adidas Eezay Parley flip flops were designed in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, a collaborative group concerned with raising awareness of the fragility of oceans and ending their destruction. 

These flip flops are considered eco-friendly as the straps are made of recycled plastic collected from beaches, and the footbed is med of 100% natural cork.

We love them because: They are comfortable + their outsoles contain 11% recycled content and are durable.

Gumbies Flip Flops That Can Be Recycled Indefinitely!


Made entirely from upcycled materials, Gumbies flip flops are our all-time favourites. We’re not going to hide it. The sole of these unisex flip flops is made of recycled rubber from car tyres. It has a 100% cotton insole, and the icing on the cake: They are made locally in the UK!

Check out our full Gumbies flip flops review for more interesting details.

We love them because: they have a comfortable shaped footbed and an excellent grip sole. Plus, we love their unisex style.

Learn more about these Gumbies flip flops here

Supportive Rubber For Flipping and Flopping Around

Okabashi’s flips flops are our sustainable flip flops of choice when you need a little foot support but don’t want to compromise on your vegan or eco-values. Each pair contains 15-25% recycled materials and can be recycled through Okabashi’s own recycling program (In their US facilities, unfortunately). It may not be the most eco-friendly option for UK citizens, but as we always say, every step matters.

We love them because: they can be recycled, waterproof, and can be washed in the washing machine.

Himalayan Pure Hemp Flip Flop

These eco-friendly flip flops are handmade in Nepal and are made of 100% THC free hemp. Did you know that hemp plants use more carbon dioxide per acre than most plants? And that hemp is more durable than cotton? Support the hemp trend with these lovely flip-floppers! 

We love them because: they are comfortable, good for the environment, and look amazing

Indosole Women’s Earth-Friendly Flip-Flop

These cruelty-free flip flops are perfect if you are looking for summer earth-friendly sandals. They are made of natural rubber with vegan uppers and ENVRO fiber straps. The outsole is made of recycled tires that have driven thousands of miles and are now collected and given a new life as footwear soles.

We love them because: They are comfortable, durable, waterproof, and can be worn in all types of terrain.

Feelgoodz Vegan Leather Flip Flops

Source: @feelgoodz

If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable conscious flip flops, then search no more! The Feelgoodz flip flops are made of vegan leather and using non-toxic dyes only. The midsole and outsole are made from 5L natural rubber which makes them very comfortable. 

We love them because: They are cruelty-free, and mold to the bottom of your feet to give you the feeling that they were made just for you!

Yoga Flip Flops Made From Eco Friendly Shoe Materials

These flip flops are made from Aurorae yoga mats, which are patented, eco-friendly, and tested against harmful substances by the SGS testing agency. Basically, they’re toxin-free!
Choose also a natural rubber yoga mat to pair with your flip flops made from recycled materials

We love them because: they are vegan and free from any harsh chemicals.

Waves – 100% Natural Rubber Flip Flop

Source: @uk_waves

Waves flip flops are 100% eco-friendly as they are made of ethically sourced Sri Lankan natural rubber. They are also biodegradable, vegan, and 100% recyclable. These sustainable flip flops are very comfortable since the elasticity and their natural spongy texture allow them to adapt to the unique curve of your feet.

We love them because: they are comfortable and perfect for the beach + by wearing these flip flops you contribute to building Sri Lankan families and communities.

Bumpers Eco-friendly Massage Flip Flops

Source: @bumperscomfort

These Anti Slipping sandals are made from natural and recycled rubber in a “ZERO WASTE” process and will last for a long time. The Bumpers flip flops are not only eco-friendly, but are also designed to give your feet a little massage so each step you make can improve circulation, reduce pain in your legs, ankles, and feet!

We love them because: They have a unique footbed structure that is anti-slip and allows free airflow which will keep your foot dry at all times.

Most Asked Question

Can flip flops be recycled?

Yes, old flip flops can be recycled and can even be turned into art. Indeed, Ocean Sole, a Kenyan recycling company, is transforming old flip flops found on beaches into a piece of art. The company aims to retrieve and recycle up to 400,000 flip flops per year from the coast of Kenya, turn them into recycled rubber products, and sell them all over the world. Can-ols-flip-flops-be-recycled

What can you do with old flip flops?

Recycling is the best solution when your flip flops’ walking life comes to an end. You can do it yourself by using them in DIY projects at home, such as creating floating boats. But, if you are missing some DIY skills, you can send them to eco-organization that will recycle your flip flops. Terra Cycle, for example, recycles all your hard-to-recycle products including flip flops. All you need is to buy their zero waste box, fill them with your flip flops, and send it back.  And that’s it, recycling you flip flop has never been easier.

Learn more about recycling in our complete guide to zero waste!

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All products are available in the UK!