Refillable Water Bottle by Sho

£ 13-27

Would you rather;

  1. spend £25,000 on plastic water bottles over your lifetime,
  2. buy a plastic reusable water bottle that’s only slightly eco-friendly and leaks everywhere,
  3. own a sleek, BPA free metal drinking water bottle that’s totally refillable, eco-friendly, sturdy and will last a lifetime.

Reusable Water Bottle

You picked C, right?

The Sho drinking water bottle is a slim, modern companion. It’s durable and sturdy enough to handle a camping or hiking trip, but stylish enough to sit comfortably on your office desk, putting all those plastic water bottles to shame.

So why is this reusable water bottle different to any other?

First, the aesthetics. When you buy this reusable water bottle you have a lot of choice when it comes to size and colour. Regardless of which you pick, all their water bottles have the same awesome features so you never miss out. You ALWAYS have your Sho lifetime guarantee and it’s more than just a cold water bottle – you can store hot beverages in there too.

Key Features:

  • Thermally insulated (double wall and vacuum), lightweight stainless steel bottle.
  • BPA Free
  • Sizes available: 260ml, 350ml, 500ml, 750ml and a huge 1L.
  • Colours available: midnight blue, pink grapefruit, very berry, aqua, ice white, jet black, scarlet red and the original, unpainted stainless steel.
  • Slim design fits in cup holders and backpack side pockets.
  • Wide mouth, ideal for ice cubes and easy pouring.
  • Screw top that will never leak.


Cold water stays cold for a full 24 hours, no matter how stuffy your office is, and hot water stays boiling hot for a full 12 hours, no matter how far you cycle with it in your bottle holder.

Can your sports water bottle do that?

1 Litre of Refreshing, Plastic-Free Water Coming Up


We all know the plastic is bad for the environment, even Theresa May has finally caught on. But if we recycle, it’s all okay… right? Not always.

Did you know that even when you do recycle plastic, you can only reuse it around 7 times before the material deteriorates and must be sent to landfill. Steel and aluminium? You can recycle those endlessly.

And there’s another reason why staying hydrated with a plastic water bottle is a bad idea – microplastic particles. Before they clog up the oceans, they clog up our insides with their tiny plastic-y molecules. The effects this is having on our health is still undetermined.

But Sho (magnificent, safe and healthy Sho) have long had a great solution. The stainless steel, environmentally friendly, reusable water bottle. It’s the best material for a sports, hiking or even office water bottle ever (more details on why we love stainless steel below).

About Sho – Smile & Zing!


That happy face belongs to Simon, owner and founder of Sho. What started in his parent’s garage is now filling up entire warehouses in Norfolk. His key beliefs are refreshingly humble, focusing on creating a positive impact on the world and treating each customer as a VIP.

When it comes to his products, eco-friendly and safe features shine through. When it comes to the business side of things, Sho are on a mission to improve the world, champion equality and give those less fortunate the opportunities they deserve.

10% of all profits each year head straight to Mary’s Meals, a charity that wants to see every child receive at least one daily meal and an education. Their motto is “a simple solution to world hunger.” It’s that passion to solve a problem and improve the world that unifies Sho and Mary’s Meals. You can’t help but feel inspired by their work together!

The Cool (or Hot!) Benefits of Stainless Steel

Metal is a far superior material for making water bottles. In fact, the biggest disadvantage that we can find for the vacuum stainless steel bottle is that it’s not dishwasher proof. You’ll need to lovingly soap it up in the sink: just think of it as saving electricity!

The Sho stainless steel reusable water bottle will keep liquids hot for 12 hours. Not moderately warm, not Luke warm, HOT. For cold liquids, they’ll stay chilled for a whole 24 hours (add ice cubes to prolong this even further). Travel, cycling, trips to the gym and pretty much any other fitness related activity will be drastically improved by this reusable water bottle.

Throw out your plastic sports bottle if you haven’t already! Once you’ve stored flavoured water, juice, tea or coffee in a plastic flask, the taste will just never be the same. No amount of washing will save it. Plastic also comes with BPA concerns if it’s a pre-2010 model and won’t be able to hold hot liquids well. The other trendy water bottle material, aluminium, also has some BPA concerns (depending on the flask lining) and it’s very easily dented.

Stainless steel is a winner on all fronts. It’s BPA free, lightweight, durable, incredibly thermal, trendy and just downright practical. Learn more about it on our Stainless Steel Material Guide.

And if you were not convinced by the Sho bottle, check out our top reusable bottles for 2018.




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