Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor


Product info:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Merkur 23C long-handle safety razor, one of the best sustainable razors that fit a tight budget. The good news is that it is available in the UK

If you are having trouble getting a perfect razor thanks to your “man-hands”, then worry no more. The Merkur razor is what you need. Its long handle is ideal for anyone with large hands, so it is an excellent grip.

And ladies, get ready to bid goodbye to all your hairy woes. If you have been hunting through sites searching for safety razor for women, then consider getting this razor. The size of the handle and the close shave are perfect for shaving any part of your body. Yeah, even the bikini areas!

Durable, reliable and eco-friendly razors by Merkur 

The Merkur 23C razor, also referred to as Merkur 180, is quite popular, and it is not hard to see why. Its long and light handle, excellent grip, and the 3-piece design make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive razor.

The aesthetics of the razor will probably get you liking if from the word go. It has a chrome finishing, which, of course, gives it a great look when sitting by your cabinet. However, there is more to this chrome finishing than just the looks, it also helps protect the metallic build of the razor from corroding. 


If you are looking for a razor that will be easy to load blades and the Merkur 23C does not disappoint on this front. Replacement of the blades will depend on how frequently you use the razor. Some people replace theirs weekly while others do it monthly. Either way, replacing the blades is quite easy even for a newbie. 

Key features: 

  • A long handle- 4-inches long.
  • Light handle with excellent weight distribution. 
  • It has a 3-piece razor design that is durable and easy to take apart when cleaning. 
  • Cross-sectional deep knurls- enhances grip on the razor.

An eco-friendly shaving alternative

These safety razors are entirely made of metal, which can last for decades when taken care of. 

In the UK, every individual generates about 34 kgs of plastic waste every year. The stainless steel safety razor handle of the Merkur 23C will help you contribute to the preservation of the environment by using metal. 

Also, when after many years of use, you want to throw it away, you can rest assured that metal is degradable. Besides, the materials are recycled, on most occasions.



But that is not all. The stainless steel changing blades will also make you an eco-friendly shaver.  They are interchangeable, fully recyclable, and come in a wrapping of waxed paper. The wax paper is biodegradable and non-toxic. 

Enhancing grooming and sustainability  

Merkur Solingen was founded in 1896 by Emil Hermes in Germany. Initially, the founder was looking to register the brand under his name, Hermes, but the name was not available. He settled for the Roman word Merkur, which means the messenger of the gods Hermes. 

Over a century later, the name of the brand speaks for itself when it comes to men grooming issues. So, yeah, the message was well-received. Merkur Safety Razors are amongst the top razors in the world. Their double-edge safety razors are ideal for all types of individuals and situations- from travel razors to classic full-sized razors and adjustable razors. 

While the brand’s mission is to provide a comfortable and clean shave, they are also on a mission to offer the best eco-friendly razors. The Merkur brand is long-lasting, and its razor blades are recyclable.

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