Primus Trail FG Vegan Walking Shoes

£ 120

Have you ever wished to get rid of your heavy shoes and walk barefoot? Well… your wish is now granted. Vivobarefoot have launched these comfortable and flexible vegan walking shoes that give you that feeling of walking barefoot!  

Vivobarefoot vegan walking shoes are the most natural and possibly the healthiest shoes you can choose for a fit and stylish lifestyle. The Primus Trail FG for women has a soft inner textile material that is complemented by the vegan breathable mesh outside and finished off with a sole made from natural gum rubber.

These eco-friendly shoes are soft enough to give your feet the freedom of that barefoot feel, yet tough enough to protect them from the rocky ground. Besides, the bungee closure ensures that snug and secure fit needed for hiking trails yet leaving room for your feet to flex and move without being restricted by tight laces.

Their sleek, stylish look will go with any outfit while being incredibly comfortable, you will feel good about wearing one of the most ethical shoes out there. 

Key Features

  • Breathable Mesh made of recycled PET bottles
  • Quick dry time
  • Lightweight- 8.8 oz
  • Firm Sole made of gum rubber with 3mm lugs
  • Removable insole
  • Available sizes: 3-9
  • Available colours: Black, Navy, Indigo, Dark Gull and Blue
  • 100% vegan

Why are the Vivobarefoot Vegan Shoes the Best?


You are probably asking yourself what makes these Vivobarefoot shoes so unique? Well, it’s all in their sustainable design.

Vivobarefoot perfectly combines nature with innovation since they are working with the best known “original” shoemakers on the planet.  All their shoes are made with wide, thin, and flexible soles that allow your feet to touch and feel the ground and reconnect the brain with the body’s natural movement. The soles are flat so that the body’s arches can act as the natural springs, ligaments, muscles, and tendons can provide elastic recoil and keep the “shock” of movement away from the knees and hips.

The human foot is designed to push off from the ball and big toe. Large heels prevent the foot from acting on this natural movement, which can result in foot pain, knee and hip pain, tired feet and bad posture. For that reason, having a flat sole help eliminating all kinds of problems that are usually associated with wearing heels. Walking barefoot is a natural way to prevent many of these problems and to reconnect the sensory portion of your brain with the world. Start your barefoot journey today by getting a pair your Vivobarefoot vegan walking shoes, now available in the UK!

Why is Vivobarefoot eco?


More and more mainstream companies claim sustainability in production and materials – but what does that really mean? Do they use less dyes and polyester materials for their insoles and create less waste? Do they create petroleum-free, non-toxic shoes? Probably not! Changing some production processes or using a few natural materials may make them better – but it doesn’t necessarily make them eco-friendly.

Vivobarefoot is committed to make shoes that are not only good for your feet but also for the planet. Besides, the company’s entire product line is made from vegan and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional animal suede. Since its establishement in 1825, the company is constantly innovating to reduce the waste. In addition, Vivobarefoot main goal is to enable your feet to reconnect with the world around yout as they were intended to. 

By using highly durable eco materials, such as recycled PET, as well as using animal free product in the production of their shoes, Vivobarefoot has made it possible to produce ethical shoes that are truly earth-friendly. The company’s objective is to use 90% sustainable materials across their entire product range by 2020. Now that’s environmental commitment!

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