Organic Cotton Yoga Leggings

Aaaand stretch down into a forward fold, breathe, breathe, breathe.

Aaaand straighten up into your mountain pose, pull up those yoga trousers yet again, breathe, breathe, breathe.

Sound familiar? Those generic, synthetic yoga pants are bad in more ways than one. What you really need are funky, organic cotton yoga leggings!

Organic Cotton Yoga Leggings

Yoga pants, and pretty much any other type of exercise leggings, will inevitably fall into one of the following categories. Embarrassingly see-through, constantly slipping down, made of itchy synthetic materials or just disappointingly unsupportive.

Well, ladies, now is the time to put your foot down… and not in a low-lunge, warrior pose type of way. It’s time to turn to high waisted, soft cotton yoga pants that avoid all the usual pitfalls and, as a bonus, are totally eco-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-soft, high waisted, organic cotton cropped leggings for women.
  • Non-see through, Fairtrade cotton with a thick waistband.
  • Bright, chemical-free colours.
  • The UK sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 available.

These lush cropped yoga leggings are the ultimate, essential garment for fuss-free, focused yoga sessions.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants – Good for You and The Environment

Global warming and the ever dropping cost of cotton is driving many Indian farmers to suicide. Over 59,000 suicides in India’s agriculture sector over the past 3 decades have already been linked directly to these environmental problems. With rising temperatures, crop yield drops and an already super cheap crop like cotton, our much needed Indian cotton farmers are being pushed too far. That’s why the work of organic, community invested businesses like Assisi Garments are incredibly important to support.

Buying organic, fair trade clothing saves lives.

Assisi, the supplier of the fab organic cotton yoga leggings, is employing locals, paying farmers fair amounts for their produce and reinvesting profits in charity projects. The AIDS rehab centre in South India and greatly improved cancer hospital have already thrived with Assisi’s donations.

But they don’t stop there. Their seamstresses handprint, cut and carefully stitch all their clothes. It’s very important to them that their clothes are as organic and chemical free as possible. Chemical free is great for your skin and fantastic for the environment! No toxic dyes or harmful fibres are leaching and polluting the tropical forests surrounding Assisi’s workshop.

So, when you’re feeling cosy and calm in your high waisted yoga pants, take a minute out of your meditation time to send some grateful vibes to those Indian farmers and seamstresses.

About People Tree – Fair Trade Fashion

Nestled in the mountainous, tropical forests of South India where the few remaining Bengal tigers are still on the prowl, Assisi Garments skillfully weaves, prints and sews sustainable clothes for UK fashion brand, People Tree.

This partnership between People Tree and Assisi is, before anything else, a friendship. Together they achieved the world’s first Soil Association Global Organic Textile Standards mark. Their organic cotton clothes are certified at the highest level.

But People Tree go one step further than just buying organic products from hard working communities. They actually send Assisi Garments a 50% advance before they’ve even laid eyes on the product, unlike the big brand clothing companies (we know who you are) who only release funds 90 days after unloading the clothes in the UK.

Without this advance (used to pay the cotton farmers, workers, suppliers and deliverers) they’d need a loan from the local bank. The extortionate interest rate attached would see the cost of their yoga pants rise higher than the urdhva hastasana pose.

Costs are kept low for you, cotton farmers are paid fairly for their organic cotton, Assisi doesn’t need to take extortionate loans and their seamstresses are paid regular reliable wages. It’s a win, win, win, win, win.

Chemical Free Clothes Spun from Fluffy Cotton Clouds


From the little cotton puffs hand plucked from the cotton plants to the final quality check in the manufacturing workshop, Assisi goes to lengths to ensure their clothes are as chemical free and comfy as possible.

Even though cotton, including fair-trade cotton, isn’t perfect – it will absorb all your sweat, hold onto odours and can shrink in the wash if you’re not careful – it does come with a clean, guilt-free conscience.

Cotton is also soft and supportive; ideal for yoga exercises! The yoga pants are close-fitting and bright, allowing you to see that super fine bod flexing into a new pose in the mirror. Unlike baggy t-shirts and harem pants (that make it difficult to observe your body posture) and synthetic materials (that slip and need to be tugged into place every few minutes), these cotton yoga pants will cling to your legs like a second skin, supporting your core and allowing true freedom of movement.

Any yogi will tell you that clearing your mind and focusing your chi is much easier with eco-friendly yoga trousers (and a padded yoga mat)!

Buy your cotton yoga leggings now for delivery in time for your next yoga class here.

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