10 Best Natural and Organic Rugs for Sustainable Home Decor

Rugs are the best decorating object as they add warmth and comfort to any room. However, there are so many choices that it’s often difficult to find the perfect rug.

Lucky you, we have selected for you 10 best natural and organic rugs in the UK.

So, keep on reading if you are redecorating your home or simply looking for a soft and non-toxic rug to add a little touch to your living room. 

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Natural fibre Rug by Casa Pura

If you are looking for an organic carpet for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom or the hallway, then this jute rug is what you need. It is made of jute fibre which is all-natural and renewable.

This jute rug will give your home a Scandinavian style but still maintain some modernity. Besides, it is easy to maintain and keep clean and will give your room breathability. 

We love it because: it is 100% Eco, thanks to the jute fabric, which is renewable and natural.

Safavieh Dimas Natural Fiber Rug

Safavieh has a wide range of natural fibre rugs, and this is an excellent choice for anyone with a taste for exquisite ebony, thanks to the charcoal colour.

The sisal makes this eco-friendly area rug perfect for your living room, kitchen or bedroom. The bottom of the rug is anti-slip for extra safety. 

We love it because: the sisal fibre is 100% natural, but the black colour makes it an exquisite feature for colour balancing in any room.

Seagrass Natural Area Fibre Rug by Safavieh

Seagrass is an excellent natural fabric making this a perfect choice for anyone looking for soft bedroom rugs. These Safavieh rugs are made of 100% natural fabric and are perfect for areas like the kitchen and living room.

We love it because: everything about this rug is Eco, from the natural beige colour to the seagrass fabric. The soft feeling on the foot is perfect after a long day. 

Multicolor Handmade Cotton Rug by Carpet Living

A colourful rug will brighten any room, be it your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Carpet Living has that colourful and multi-carpet, which is also sustainable. The cotton material is 100% organic, and it is hand-woven. 

We love it because: it is multi-coloured making an ideal piece to accent your decor, made of natural materials, and the production process is sustainable. 

Jute Organic Rug by nuLoom

Low to medium-traffic areas in your house deserves nothing but a colourful and posh rug. This affordable rug is made of the rug is jute, a natural fabric that is also biodegradable. This jute blue rug by nuLoom is what you need to transform the look in your bedroom or living room

We love it because: it is made of 100% sustainable material, affordable, and available in 3 other colours (White, Yellow, Grey).

Cotton Rugs by Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals rugs are perfect if you are looking for washable area rugs. An Eco rug is all about the fabric and the production process, and this rug checks all the boxes.

The fabric is 100% cotton, there are no toxic dyes, and it is hand-woven. For those rooms that need some natural heating, this is the rug you need. 

We love it because: it is a sustainable rug, thanks to the cotton material, non-toxic dyes, and hand-weaving production. The rug is also easy to wash. 

Jute Alhambra Rug Natural Color

Your high-traffic areas deserve durable and colour-neutral rugs. This rug is perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas, thanks to its natural colour. It is thick enough to withstand the traffic. This stylish rug is made of jute, a natural fabric that is also biodegradable.

We love it because: apart from the natural fabric that is biodegradable, this rug is sustainably made through hand-weaving.

Jute and Cotton Rug by Second Nature Online

The soft feel of this rug is ideal for areas with medium to high traffic. The beige colour coupled with the white stripes makes it the perfect decor piece for any room.

This classy looking rug is made of 100% sustainable materials such as cotton and jute. It is also hand-woven, meaning its production is also sustainable.

We love it because: everything about this beautiful rug is sustainable, from the hand-weaving processing to the natural fabrics of cotton and jute.

Natural Bamboo Rug by iDesign

Bamboo is a natural and sustainable plant that is used in the production of many eco-friendly products, rugs included. iDesign’s bamboo rug is what you need for your kitchen and bathroom. The bamboo rugs are water-resistant and don’t non-slip. 

We love it because: it is a perfect rug for the kitchen and bathroom due to the water-resistant and non-slip properties. Its bamboo material is 100% natural.

Hemp Rugs by Homescapes

Hemp is like a magic product that is finding its way into many products, including medications. Homescapes are not left behind either, and this non-toxic rug is perfect for a high-traffic area like the hallway. It is durable and heavyweight for such high-traffic areas. The rug is hand-woven using hemp, a natural fibre, and real leather. 

We love it because: all materials, real leather and hemp are natural, and its natural beige colour will go with any colours in your home.

How to Choose the Right Sustainable Rug

Choosing an eco-friendly rug is not as easy as it sounds. But, the key lies in knowing the size you want, placement area, etc. So here are the steps to choosing an eco-friendly carpet

1- Pick the Right Material

Go for a carpet with natural fibres, wool, and natural dyes. Rugs made from polypropylene are also Eco since the material is from recycled plastic.

2- Determining the Size

Choosing the perfect rug also depends on the size of the area you want to cover. Keep in mind that, in general, at least 18-inches of the bare floor are to be left exposed.
If you are looking for a rug for the living room, then the best sizes are 9*12, 8*10 or 5*8.
For the bedroom, a 5*8 or 9*12 is enough, depending on how you want to place the carpet.
Dining rooms will go with an 8-feet round carpet or a rectangular carpet of 9*12 or 8*10.

3- Consider the Placement

Where do you want to place the carpet? The dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen or the hallway? Indoor or outdoor? All these will help determine the size, the colour, and the thickness of the carpet. Kitchens, hallways, and bedsides need runner rugs while living and dining rooms need bigger carpets.
Don’t forget to use eco-friendly paint if you want to match the rug to your wall colour.

4- Choose Patterned or Plain Carpet

It all depends on the furniture, furnishings and the theme of the room. A patterned carpet will make any room look larger or smaller, as well as lifting the mood. They are also ideal if you want to go with a more traditional theme. If you are going for a modern look, then a plain carpet will do. Plain rugs are also ideal for areas where the need is to only cover the floor. A plain rug will allow your furniture to get all the attention.

5- Always Remember the Rug Pads

A rug pad prolongs the life of a rug and protects the floor from any damage. So, no matter the size of the rug or where you are placing your new rug, it won’t move, so remember to buy an eco-friendly rug pad.

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