10 Best Vegan Candles

Candles are the epitome of romance and heavenly aromas in our homes. Besides looking good and decorating your home, these natural candles can be offered as a gift.

Yes, we want this new year and decade to be as aromatic and romantic for you as possible. And what’s a better way to achieve this than getting yourself and your loved ones some vegan candles?

The good news is we have selected for you the best vegan candles that will keep your home warm, scented and lit. This top of all-natural candles will not only save you the hassle of searching all over the U.K. but also ensure you get eco-friendly candles.

Do you want to know a secret? We are also big candle lovers, so we have selected more awesome soy candles and beeswax candles for you!

Fig & Honey Soy Candle by Park and Madison


Anyone looking for a fruity scent in their home? Well, you are in luck. The fig and honey soy candle by Park and Madison will give your home the delightful scent of berries and honey.

The candle is all organic, 100% made of soy wax and comes in a vintage mason jar. That vintage look will definitely accent your room’s decor, even when not using the candle. Good to know, the candles burn for 20-50 hours, depending on the size.

We love it because: it is affordable and comes in 2 sizes.

Sandalwood Rose Soy Candle, for all nature freaks


P.F. Candle Co are not joking when it comes to the production of organic candles. Meet the glorious blend of earthy sandalwood, soft rose, and a mysterious oud.

This sandalwood rose soy candle is unisex so that everyone can enjoy this glorious scent without any judgments. Every product used to make it is natural- from the soy wax to the cotton wick. It burns for 40-50 hours, depending on usage.

For anyone looking for eco-friendly soy candles with an earthy scent and apothecary-Inspired amber jars for the decor, this is your go-to candle.

We love it because: it comes in various sizes and is in a unique jar that also elevates your decor.

Rewined Candle, the vegan candle for wine lovers


Hello there, my fellow wine lovers! This is the perfect candle for you, thanks to its aromas and flavors that mimic our favorite wines. When you run out of wine, consider lighting this candle for that aroma to fill your home!

The wax is 100% vegan, made solely from soy wax, and the wick is 100% cotton. And, more points to your eco-usage, the bottle is from repurposed wine glasses. It also burns for an extended period, up to 80-hours.

We love it because: of the divine scent and the recycling of wine bottles that hold the candle.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Soy Candle


Mrs. Meyers’s candle makes you a full eco-conscious user. All ingredients, vegetable wax, cotton seeds, and soy wax are renewable. The wick is a nonmetal and can burn up to 35 hours. Also, the glass used in making the candle jar is recyclable.

This is one of the best scented candles in the U.K. that will bring a floral aroma to your home.

We love it because: it is available in many floral scents, and the container glass is recyclable.

Jasmine Scented Candle, the perfect natural candle gift


Jasmine scented candles are your answer to “what do I get this special lady in my life” question. If she is eco-conscious, you’ll definitely score points with her. Jasmine scented candles are among the best soy candles in the market. They are also affordable, so buy one for yourself too.

The candle is made from soy wax with enhanced fragrance oils for that heavenly and stress-relieving jasmine scent. The wick, on the other hand, is made of lead-free cotton. The candle burns up to 60-hours.

We love it because: it burns for an extended period, does not leave residues in the container glass, and it comes in extravagant packaging.

Forest bathing, the perfect gift for nature lovers


The forest bathing candle is an ideal gift for any nature lover in your life.

The in-depth notes of Cedarwood and aromas of Fir Balsam are what every nature lover needs to unwind their day. If they cannot get to the forest, you are bringing the forest to their living, thanks to the forest bathing organic candle.

It is a hundred percent vegan, and the mason jar housing the candle is recyclable.

We love it because: it is perfect for relaxing thanks to the added snowflake crystals. It also comes in a recyclable jar.

Soy Candles Set By Pyralis, Natural Candles Gift Set For Your Loved Ones


Gift shopping for your eco-friendly friends just got easier, thanks to this assorted set of soy candles by Pyralis company. It comes in a set of 3 candles in all of the different scents- chocolate, sugared almonds, vanilla, and hazelnut. You are also free to choose the combination of scents that you like the most.

All the candles are soy candles with cotton wicks, fragrance oils, and essential oils for your preferred scent. The candles burn for 10-12 hours.

We love it because: it comes in a set of 3, where you can combine different scents to suit your preference.  Also, the mason jars are recyclable

Hopscotch Cedar and Pine Scented Candle, For When You Miss Winter Season

Hopscotch London is another the producers of eco-friendly candles in the U.K. If you are looking for organic candles and want to support a local producer while at it, this is where to go.

This specific brand of pine and cedar is a favorite for all nature lovers. If and when you miss the scent of winter, light up one of these, and you will be bathing in the musky and woody scents of the winter season.

Ingredients for these are soy wax, essential oils, and fragrance oils for the scents. It also comes in a recyclable wrapping of tissue paper. The candles burn from 31-60 hours, depending on the size.

We love it because: it comes in 2 sizes, large and medium. Also, the candles are in a recyclable wrapping.

Fig, Coconut & Vetiver Soy Candle by Russel and White


When you miss that exotic Mediterranean summer scent, the fig, coconut, and vetiver soy candle by Russel and White is what you order.

It is an all-organic scented candle, with a hint of coconut scent and smoked vetiver and figs. All this will give your home a luxurious aroma of the sea courtesy of the coconut oil, vetiver oil, and fig oil ingredients. The cotton wick is also all eco.

The packaging, made from recyclable cardboard boxes is eco-friendly as well.

We love it because: they offer tealight packs for sampling to help you make a better choice, and the prices are affordable.

Desert Sage Coconut Wax Candle

Yes, there are coconut wax candles in the UK, and here is one for those moments you need some tranquility and deep relaxation at home.

The wax is made from coconut and vegetable oils. The wick is made from natural hemp- but don’t worry, you will not get high! Additionally, the candle comes in a recycled amber glass jar, with a recyclable lid.

We love it because: every part of the candle and the packaging is recycled or recyclable after use.

Tips for a Long-lasting Candle

Hopefully, you can get yourself and your loved ones one or two vegan candles from that list. To make your candles last, remember to keep them away from drafts, and trim the wick up to ¼” after every burn. Also, do not burn it for more than four consecutive hours and let the wax cool before lighting it again. All this will help you enjoy the sumptuous scents of your chosen candle longer.

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All these vegan candles are available in the UK!

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