Best Vegan and Recycled Wallets for 2020

If you’ve followed our zero waste guide, you’ll probably have a big wad of bank notes from all the money you’ve saved. What better place to put your cash than a recycled wallet?

It’s all the more satisfying when your recycled wallet is also a vegan wallet – particularly because the UK government has refused to take animal fat out of the production process for our bank notes. Fight the power! Stash your money in one of these animal-friendly wallets.

Some are recycled, some are vegan, a few magical vegan purses are both, but all are available with shipping to the UK!

Let’s Start This List With A Bang – Cork Vegan Wallet


Sleeker than a Fossil vegan wallet, Corkor’s slim bifold cork leather wallet is made by Portuguese artisans (they’re very VERY skilled). It has 6 card slots and plenty of space for UK-sized bank notes.

We love it because: this cork wallet is entirely vegan-friendly, from the cork to the stitching, and approved by PETA.

The Most Memorable Recycled Wallet We Found


A vegan wallet that not only makes leather from leaves, but plants 10 trees for every sale. We’ve already bought 5. The teak leaves that Tree Tribe use to make this vegan minimalist wallet are incredibly strong and durable.

We love it because: the teak leaves are also very lightweight and thin, so this eco-wallet doesn’t bulge out of your pocket like some of the thicker cork alternatives.

Minimalist Vegan Purse Wallet for Women


A vegan PETA-approved purse for the ladies. Or men, we don’t judge. It has space for 8 vegan restaurant rewards cards, a coin purse and note slot.

We love it because: even though it’s priced (and looks) like a high-fashion, designer purse… LaBante still donate 10% of their profits to charity. We’d have preferred mushroom leather though.

Chic Vegan Designer Wallet – Made from Upcycled Fashion Mags!


Made from strips of Elle and Vogue magazine pages, this vegan wallet makes a thoughtful gift for any fashionista. It takes Milo 4 to 5 days to create this vegan women’s wallet, so be patient!

We love it because: shiny, plastic-coated magazine covers are a nightmare to recycle, but make excellent water-proof wallet materials!

Car Upholstery Makes Excellent Vegan Wallets with Coin Pockets


One for the lads. It’s made from car upholstery (we’ll let you guess which car) and has a sizeable coin pocket for all your loose change. It’s hand-sewn by the very skillful Jay Whodini.

We love it because: it features awesome racing stripes. The maker, couchguitarstraps on Etsy, doesn’t compromise sleek style designs even when making things eco.

Vegan Wallet Men Will Love – Beer At Its Best


Carlsberg beers are vegan. And luckily, this recycled beer cans wallet is vegan as well! Time to celebrate with this original vegan mens wallet. Annabel makes them by hand for her Etsy store, TinkanDesigns.

We love it because: it’s naturally waterproof and very sturdy – it actually takes a while to wear in so it’s malleable. That will deter thieves too!

Glide Into The Vegan-Friendly Lifestyle With This Recycled Sail Wallet


A wallet made from recycled paraglider fabric, with a hint of Pablo Picasso. A vegan work of art. It’s practically weightless, as the material was designed to float lightly and be incredibly durable and reliable when carrying someone thousands of feet above our heads.

We love it because: OffChites, the Etsy store that creates these paragliders, buys the entire decommissioned paraglider then strips it apart by hand. This ensures no scrap of fabric is wasted!

Travel Ultra Light With This Vegan Travel Wallet


Stronger than steel. Lighter than a feather (almost). Made from repurposed materials. Under £30?! Flowfold sew these non leather mens wallets from repurposed Carbon Fiber and Kevlar racing sailcloths.

We love it because: the sailcloth material is designed to float in water, even when it’s stuffed full of coins, cards and notes.

Cruelty Free Materials are Sleek and Crisp!


Stop another plastic crisp bag heading to landfill – or worse, landing in a ditch and suffocating a hungry animal. These wallets are handmade with recycled tetra-pack drinks cartons and crisp packets. The Lays’ crisp bag wallet is as eco and green as your heart!

We love it because: it has a clear window screen for your ID and there’s a matching luggage tag in squigglechick’s Etsy store.

Recycled Plastic Wallet – Prettier Than You Thought!


Recycled water bottles used to create waterproof women’s wallets. We love the irony almost as much as Haiku’s cute size design and 30 day free returns.

We love it because: this wallet has inbuilt RFID blocking technology to prevent identity theft through RFID readers. Better safe than sorry!

Vegan Friendly Wallets With a Spanish Twist


Helena, the owner of the Pichuskadass Etsy store, uses milk cartons and cereal boxes to create these amazing upcycled wallets. This particular model, covered with Spanish cards is one of her personal favourites… and ours too!

We love it because: each design is unique and one of a kind, you’ll never find the same wallet twice in Helena’s store.

Don’t forget, every cruelty free wallet, purse and man-bag will ship to anywhere in the UK!

Need a little nudge to embrace the vegan lifestyle wholeheartedly?

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