15 Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Low-Waste Christmas

The UK throws away a staggering 1.8 million rolls of wrapping paper each time Christmas comes around. We think that’s just tragic!

Why buy something just to throw it away?

Save your money for spending on gifts or charity.

We’ve got a list of 15 eco-Christmas products, including eco friendly wrapping papers, recycled Christmas cards and more!

Those will save you a bit of money, and save the planet a mountain of waste!

Plus, they are all available in the UK.

Retro, Rustic, and Recycled Wrapping Paper Roll


Can you believe it’s eco?! This trendy, retro wrapping paper is made of plain and simple kraft paper. No plastic blends or coatings, making this paper 100% recyclable.

We love it because: the paper quality is so thick and luxurious, no one will guess it’s a bargain you found on Amazon…

Eco-Friendly Gift Bags, Perfect for Homemade Trinkets


A great, reusable alternative to Christmas wrapping paper! Plus, it’s much easier than wrapping presents, all you need do is add your gifts to the bag and tie them shut with the gold ribbon material included.

We love it because: these gift bags are great for gifting homemade treats like biscuits and cakes. The paper is thick enough to hold the moisture and is a great eco-alternative to plastic food bags!

No Recyclable Gift Wrapping is Complete Without…


You don’t want to ruin your lovely natural recycled gift wrapping paper with plastic sellotape, do you? Of course not. This 3 pack of Christmas twines is a great biodegradable alternative. 

We love it because: skilfully using post-it notes or any other removable/reusable sticky item, you can wrap your present like normal, then tie on the string and remove the sticky! Voila. Plastic-free prezzies.

Eco Friendly Christmas Cards They Won’t Want to Throw Away

An awesome pack of 20 Christmas cards make without any plastic coatings, glitter bombs or those excessive paper insert things that just irritate you. Even the stickers and tissue paper included are biodegradable.

We love it because: there are several winter-themed but non-Christmassy designs included, so you can share the love with those who don’t celebrate Christmas too!

Wrapping Gifts with Recycled Materials Made Easy


Everything in this gift wrap pack is made from 100% recycled materials here in the UK, plus you’re buying directly from the artist/designer through Amazon, not some corporate company.

We love it because: the recycled Christmas wrapping paper arrives in a cute and colourful paper card folder (recyclable, of course), so consider this your first present of the season!

Luxurious Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper

Yes, we know it comes in shrink plastic film to protect the paper during transit… but it’s still eco! Recycle the plastic and then get to work wrapping. This textured paper is so thick and gorgeous to behold, you’ll be reusing it for years.

We love it because: without a Christmas-themed print, you can reuse this paper throughout the year, extending its use and reducing waste further.

There Are Eco Christmas Gift Tags for Every Present


No present is complete without a tag! You might have thought that buying tags was unnecessary material, but by writing on tags rather than the wrapping paper itself, you’ll be able to reuse the paper in the future. Swings and roundabouts!

We love it because: 100 feet of natural jute is included. Jute is a similar plant-based material to hemp. It’s just as eco-friendly, if not more so, than cotton and is way more festive.

Recycled Christmas Cards – Designed by UK Artists!


This is the eco-friendly Christmas cards set that we save for our favourite friends and family. Beautiful designs by a UK artist are printed onto uncoated recycled card with environmentally friendly vegetable inks.

We love it because: they arrive in biodegradable corn-based poly bags to keep them dry and in perfect condition in transit.

Get Creative at Christmas (Or Get the Kids to Do It for You)


Blank tags offer endless possibilities! Made entirely from kraft paper, no plastic in sight, you can get as creative as you like… or just let the kids do it. Bring out the dried pasta shapes and felt tips!

We love it because: often wrapping paper can be generic and so un-personal, but these tags add a touch of personality to your gifts without costing the planet.

Dazzle Up Your Xmas Wrapping Paper with Eco Washi Tape

😍because we’re so in love with this washi tape! This pack includes 27 rolls made of non-toxic and eco-friendly fibres. Unlike sellotape, you can rip off strips of this tape and not worry about that horrible sticky waste when it all gets tangled up!

We love it because: washi tape is way more versatile than plastic tapes. You can write on washi tape and pull it off/readjust it without ripping your wrapping paper or leaving glue residues.

Ethical Christmas Wrapping Paper with Endless Possibilities


This brown kraft paper is the kind you see in those beautiful old-fashioned Christmas films and in rustic Instagram pics. Each roll is made from 100% recycled materials and is just ready to be wrapped around your gifts with a sprig of holly and silky red ribbon.

We love it because: the inner cardboard tube that this paper is wrapped around can be reused for storing or sending posters, paintings and more.

BONUS! If you like to get really artsy, why not draw on your own Christmas designs to create your own patterned Christmas wrapping paper? Check out these simple but effective examples!

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself!


12 super cute Christmas Jute Burlap sacks. We swear these are the same bags Santa himself uses. The material and hand-printed design are not just eco-friendly, it’s also food-grade safe, so you can fill these up with edible goodies.

We love it because: each bag is machine washable and fixable! When paper gets dirty or torn, that’s the end of its life. But with these burlap bags, they can keep on giving for years with a little needle and thread.

A Christmas Card for Them, A Gift for The Planet

This is a super unique card that also doubles as a neat gift. The bubbled texture isn’t woodchip wallpaper! This recycled Christmas card contains seeds that will grow and bloom when you plant the card in your garden.

We love it because: both the cards and envelopes are made from recycled paper material, plus it’s entirely handmade, adding that extra special touch.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas With 0 Effort Needed. Yes!


When you have an awkward shaped gift, ditch the wrapping paper. Ditch the Amazon burlap sacks too. The Hessian Shack store on Etsy has just what you need! These sacks can be made to any size to fit your Christmas present stash.

We love it because: They’re handmade in the UK and the quality of burlap used is just on another level.

Ethical Christmas Wrapping Paper… That’s Not Paper?


There are some fashionable boutiques (you know the ones we mean) that wrap presents in silk scarves and even t-shirts! We love the idea, but for most of us that was way out of budget… until now. Reusable cotton gift wrap from Etsy seller happywrap is so awesome!

We love it because: it’s surprisingly easy to tie up the presents and you’ll never lose the “ribbon” tie cords as they’re sewn on. Genius.

Bonus List! 

No time left to order eco Christmas wrapping paper? Try these quick eco alternatives:

  • Newspaper (it looks super Instagram-worthy)
  • Old fabric (e.g. “vintage” t-shirts or old but clean bed sheets)
  • Shoe boxes (remember the Christmas shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child?)

Now all you need to do is find some awesome presents to wrap with your eco xmas wrapping paper! Why not start by taking a scroll through our eco-friendly gifts guide or our Top 14 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products?

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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