BPA-Free & Collapsible Reusable Water Bottle by Nomader

£ 18

Stylish… cute… insulated… but what if convenience is your main and only concern?

BPA-Free & Collapsible Reusable Water Bottle

Nomader designed this bottle for the adventurer that needs a convenient and lightweight bottle to stay hydrated.

It’s easy to carry while the bottle contains water and once the bottle is empty, you can just fold it and throw it in a corner of your backpack.

We love Nomader’s collapsible water bottle… it is part of our selection of the best eco-friendly water bottles.

Key Features: 

  • Collapsible bottle that safe space while folded
  • Material: BPA free silicone
  • Size available (ml): 650
  • Only 0.4 pounds
  • Leak proof
  • Can handle hot drinks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be kept in the freezer
  • Easy to carry thanks to its strap


Silicon, an Eco-friendly(er) Hybrid Version of Plastic

When plastic is lost in the environment (and most of it does), it breaks down into micro-fragments that contaminates our lands, oceans and the wildlife that mistakes plastic bits for food.

Unfortunately most silicon products end up in landfills as well, but unlike plastic, they are converted back into inorganic ingredients once incinerated.

Silicon may not be as easy to recycle as stainless steel or glass, but reusable silicon bottles are durable and it should take years until you have to get a new one… still way better than single-use plastic bottles!

Nomader, by a Traveller  for Travellers

Nomader was created in late 2015 by a traveller who got frustrated by the lack of efficiency of reusable bottles to meet the needs of travellers.

He came back with the objective to create the perfect, convenient bottle for an adventurous lifestyle and for everyday activities as well. That’s how the Nomader Collapsible Bottle is born.


Silicon and Health

A high quality food-grade silicon such as the one used for the Nomader is not only safer for the environment than plastic,  it is also healthier.  That silicon is free of any harmful leaching chemicals (such as BPA, BPS, PVC etc). It is also stain and odor resistant and hypoallergenic.

Moreover, being dishwasher-friendly, the bottle is easy to clean will keep the bacterias away!


Good news for the adventurers out there… the Nomader collapsible water bottle is one of its kind, but it’s not the only eco-friendly foldable water bottle on the market! Have a look at our selection of the best collapsible water bottles for more options.