Top 9 Sustainable Razors for Women

Everything you need to know about switching from plastic single-use razors to sustainable reusable razors is listed here with our selection of the best eco-friendly razors available in the UK.

Zero-waste products are increasing in popularity as consumers seek out sustainable and plastic-free alternatives for their beauty routine. Everything from shampoo bars, to vegan makeup to reusable razors, are available online, offering you an eco-friendly product that reduces your impact on the planet!

Reusable razors are mostly made from durable stainless steel and bamboo making them a great alternative to disposable plastic razors. Reusable razors are a fantastic investment as they not only save you money over time but they are also designed to last and look beautiful in any bathroom. For travelers, having a sustainable and eco-friendly travel item in your collection is always helpful plus it is a great way to take care of the environment.

So, let’s look at some of the best sustainable razors for women and learn a little about what makes them a great choice for your shaving routine. 

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Most Asked Questions

BamBaw Metal Safety Razor For Women


BamBaw Safety Razors for Women are designed to last a lifetime and come it a beautiful rose gold colour. Simply replace the high-quality razor blades as needed and this razor will continue to be a favourite for many years to come. 

We love it because: The razor will come with a great user manual which shows you in-depth how best to use the razor, how to get a closer shave and how to maintain your razor. The manual also includes two recipes for home-made shaving cream!

Haryali London Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor


The Butterfly Razor helps to achieve a clean shave that is free from cuts and ingrown hair. The razor is crafted with stainless steel making it strong and durable. It gives a quick and easy shave, so it is perfect for women on the go! 

We love it because: The Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor comes in a sleek and stylish designer box by Haryali London and makes the perfect gift for someone special!

WEISHI Rainbow Color Butterfly Safety Razor


A premium safety razor that is beautifully designed for women, the Rainbow Colour Butterfly Razor is the perfect choice for a sustainable razor. It features an open long handle and is made for a quick shave without irritation. 

We love it because: Weishi has been around since 1993 and creates some of the most highly regarded razors on the market. It is affordable and practical.

Blackwood & Shelby Bamboo Double-Edge Safety Razor


The reusable safety razor by Blackwood & Shelby is an eco-friendly, all-natural, plastic-free razor that can fit all double-edge razor blades. The brand aims to create totally unique handles by ensuring that no two designs are the same bamboo grain. It almost has a vintage razor blade style to it with its elegant design. It is popular with both men and women making a great addition to your bathroom.  

We love it because: Blackwood & Shelby have created an eco-friendly user guide that is digital – simply scan the QR Code – and access your paperless instruction guide.

Jungle Culture Reusable Bamboo Razor


The Jungle Culture Razor offers zero-waste shaving with this amazing bamboo and stainless-steel product that they guarantee will last a lifetime! The bamboo handles come in 3 different shades and is correctly weighted for the perfect shave. The razor comes with a complimentary hessian bag. 

We love it because: Jungle Culture is an eco-friendly company that creates sustainable products for alternatives to plastics. They aim to empower local communities and source fair-trade products. Jungle Culture is a member of 1% For The Planet and donates 1% of their sales to environmental groups. By purchasing a Jungle Culture razor, you are helping the planet in so many ways!

Rebel Shave Safety Razor

The Rebel Shave Safety Razor is a double edge safety razor that can fit any double edge razor blades, is durable and most importantly it is sustainable. The razor comes in an eco-friendly case with a mirror and there is a choice of different colours. 

We love it because: This razor comes as part of a grooming set including a lovely travel case and a brush for keeping the razor clean. It is specifically designed for women to have a clean shave and is made from both stainless steel and bamboo. This razor is very sleek and stylish making it the ideal eco-friendly gift idea or addition to your own beauty collection.

Merkur 34C Safety Razor & Merkur Long-Handle Safety Razor


This amazing safety razor is our above-all-others- top pick for a reusable razor! This is because the Merkur 34C is a high-quality stainless steel product that we believe is a solid investment, especially for beginners. The Merkur brand also makes a Long-Handle Safety Razor that provides a high standard of safety for an easier and closer shave.

We love it because: These razors are comfortable to use, ideal for beginners and suitable for women ensuring less irritation and a long-lasting close shave. The products are manufactured in Germany and come in a variety of shades including black chrome, bright chrome, and gold.

GreenVibe Bio Shavers Set

The GreenVibe Bio Shavers Set comes as an impressive pack complete with 6 biodegradable razors, 1 vegan soap, 1 natural linen bag, and a 3 pack of razor blades making this a great starter kit for any beginner. The Shavers Set features biodegradable razors that are made from bio-resin and wheat as an alternative to plastic razors. 

We love it because: When you purchase a GreenVibe product the brand helps you contribute to planting trees in Africa and South America and works to ensure their products are safe for the environment. We also love that this kit includes a special hand-made vegan coconut soap bar!

Kuou Double Edge Safety Razor

The Kuou Razor offers women a clean shave without razor burn or irritation and features an ergonomic shape that is designed for offering you more control as you shave. The safety razor blades are made with high-quality stainless steel and the handle is made from 100% bamboo material. 

We love it because: The Kuou Razor comes with a handy Transparent Storage Box which is ideal for anyone who wants to pack their razor for traveling. The Kuou safety razor is designed to be easy to use and suitable for beginners.

How to choose the best sustainable razor for beginners?

A sustainable razor offers you a plastic-free solution for shaving. This means that the product should not be sold in plastic-packaging and should ideally be either compostable or recyclable. The razor should be suitable for multiple uses if you switch out the razor blades. For beginners, look for a product that sparks your interest! They come in a variety of colours, materials and each brand can offer something a little different. If you are unsure of where to start, a safety razor is a good option as it is designed for a close shave without the razor burn! They are also the most popular reusable razor available for women.

Why are sustainable razors better?

If you choose to shave daily with plastic disposable razors, you might find on average you are going through one-two razors per week! Each time you shave with a disposable razor, ideally, you are meant to dispose of it means a large number of razors are going to up in landfills and you are going to spend a lot of money on this basic item. Replacing disposable razors has numerous benefits including saving you time, money and helping the environment. Reusable razors are affordable and as you just must change the blades; the razor does not have to be thrown into the rubbish!  best-sustainable-razors-women

What is the best shaving routine?

This is really a matter of personal choice, once you start shaving, you will discover how many days you prefer to wait until shaving again. A reusable razor can be used until you feel the blades require changing and each brand offers general advice on when their product blades should be switched-out. Each brand of razor has recommended blades though most brands including those in our list can fit any double edge razor blade! The GreenVibe Bio Set even includes a 3 pack of razor blades and the durability of most stainless steel razors sold in the UK can last a lifetime.

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